The Visual Inspriration Academy

Architecture & Interior

The Visual Inspriration Academy was designed with artists in mind. Located close to the newly built university exhibtion buildings, this is a place where students and workers come to spend their lesiure time while enhancing their creative ability as well. The area is a hub of intellectual minds from various fields of art and science as well as various classes from college students to upper class residents. On top of all this, because of Jimbocho’s history, it is a prime location for cultural and historical tourism. The building was designed with the intention of keeping Jimbocho’s small scale urban fabric. This is why it has two exterior facades making it appear to be almost two different buildings. On top of this, there is a highly permeable strip of glass splitting the structure’s vertical circulation and programs on each floor. In order to connect the two seperate pieces of this structure, I designed diagonally placed bridges allowing for streams of light to pass through the bridges sporadically. This allows for a unique and beautiful view when a vistor passes through the building between the Suzuran shopping street and the garden alleyway on the north side of the building. This concept also intrigues and entices vistors tohead up stairs and cross these bridges providing the businesses with a steady flow of customers even on the higher levels.

Category: Architecture & Interior
Single Project
Single Project